Here is an original 1998 American General M109A4 Shop Van, M105A1 trailer and a significant ($8K+) package of spares. There are 3,684 miles on the truck, and about 500 miles on the trailer since government rebuild. Weighs 16379 pounds with GCWR of 26,000 pounds. Truck is rated to carry 10,000 pounds on the highway/5000 pounds offroad and can tow 10,000 pounds.

The truck was originally purchased at auction in from the Pennsylvania National Guard. All the fluids and filters were renewed, new alternator belt and radiator hoses installed and then driven 750 miles to Iowa without incident in 2011. I purchased the truck in 2012, bought a one way ticket to Iowa, renewed all the fluids and filters and drove about 1,000 miles without incident to Raleigh, NC. So about 1,800 miles is all highway.

If you are new to these trucks, there are some important things to consider. All of these trucks were ‘motorpool’ vehicles. Which means that when it was time for use, the ones that were working were used, and those that had issues remained sitting…and sitting. A new truck with the specs of this truck is going to be well north of $175K, and most trucks are not maintained per army spec. Many of these were picked up at government auction, then promptly taken out to thrash in the boonies. The trucks in the north and west generally have rust issues, and those in the south have been used frequently during hurricanes and flooding and immersed in sea waters. And while these trucks are designed to ford 4′ of water, most were driven thru salt water and then left to sit. The M109A4 shop vans were seldom used, and therefore the best preserved of the bunch.

Many of these can be found with the ad stating “we have run this thru the shop, fresh paint and ready to go”. Which usually means they slapped on some cheap filters and and covered every thing up with paint. Every procedure performed on this truck is per the specifications found in the original Army Technical Manuals (included). These are designed for a semi literate 19 year old to work on, and there is a procedure for absolutely everything. Parts for the Caterpillar 3116 and Alison 1545 are readily available. There is no question that the Central Tire Inflation System is challenge if you let these just sit for years.

NOS = New Old Stock

This truck has a new air dryer, new wheel air valves, 7 NOS wheels and 7 NOS Michelin 395/85R20XZL tires with run flats. The tires have about about 500 miles on them, weigh about 320 lbs apiece with few cosmetic checks. The NOS spare tire is in the shop van, as it too large to fit without altering the driver side storage unit. The CTIS system is in working order. I coat the tires liberally with Aerospace 303. The shop truck wood floor could use some penetrating epoxy on the front edge. The only changes I have made to the original truck was the switch to the Michelin XZLs, coating the top of the shop van with two coats of Sherwin Williams Duraplate 235 epoxy (used by the Navy to paint buoys) a cabin hard top, replaced all the shop windows and screens with NOS. All new engine oil, diesel, air and transmission filters Dec 2021. I annually fog the truck with ACF-50, the same corrosion protection the Navy uses on carrier jets. All parts used in any maintenance has the correct original NSN number…no Auto Zone replacements. This has the original CARC paint, with light areas of surface rust here and there. CARC paint is very chemical and corrosion resistant…you can only power wash it. Undercarriage is free of corrosion.

The trailer was in storage in Virginia after rebuild and not put in to service and is in excellent condition with NOS tarp. The bows are oak reinforced ash, and the metal frame is in fair condition. The original 7 tires and wheels are stored in the trailer. This would be a great, no surprises candidate for your overlanding RV project. The truck and trailer are located in Sanford, NC and the spares are located in Winston Salem, NC. There is a very supportive group of enthusiasts for these vehicles always willing to help out. Truck has clean VA title and trailer will come with bill of sale.

Known issues: the front axle should be supported for long term storage to prevent the front tires from becoming unseated, the front of the wood floor could use some penetrating epoxy, the threads on the air fittings from the engine to air dryer need to be sealed. Radiator cooling elbows, alternator and fan belts should always be replaced prior to long distance deliveries. This has two heavy duty batteries with a marine cutoff so they don’t drain while in storage, and not the original 6TMF ($400 each) military batteries, but have all original hardware if you want to convert back to original.

Here is a vid of the truck in Iowa×6_cargo_truck M109A4

CTIS operations


Spares List

NOS front shop window 7 (6 installed) NOS Sash window NOS front front grill insulation NOS pioneer rack NOS left floor mat NOS right floor mat NOS rear mud flaps NOS steering wheel horn kit NOS 7 (6 installed) window metal screen NOS Steering wheel NOS Torque arm assembly $375 NOS front cab windows Original alternator 8 NOS reflective lights New 60 amp alternator $765 NOS power manifold for CTIS $580 6 original CTIS covers 6 NOS CTIS covers installed NOS muffler shield NOS HWR water and ration heater New door and weather stripping kit Original cab bow NOS vinyl cab roof NOS AS 3800 antenna NOS number kit NOS 2 headlights NOS horn New Meltric DB 60A Decontactor NOS Muncie hydraulic pump NOS CTIS wiring harness NOS 2 CTIS controller $750 NOS 4 battery terminal caps Original battery hold down hardware NOS light selector switch NOS Bendix governor NOS 7 CTIS pneumatic brake valve $375 NOS hood latches NOS window washer kit NOS Cab hard top installed NOS 2 NATO elector power connectors $400 NOS brake pad New 4 Phillips Glad hands NOS 12 tire valves NOS lug nuts NOS rpm gauge New Complete set technical field sustainment, extended service program manuals $350 Towbar with NOS hardware $900 NOS engine starter with solenoid $1095 NOS rear tail light assemblies New 75,000# tow rope 30’ (for 4 wheel drive tractors and semis) $390 NOS Stewart Warner cab heater kit (less heater) NOS Stewart Warner shop heater kit $1000 NOS ladder

The truck is currently covered by heavy tarps, the front axle is supported by truck jacks, and the exhaust pipe is in the cab. If a low boy is considered for transport, then it would take just a short time to load. If contemplating a long road trip, I would recommend replacing the upper and lower radiator hoses.

Sold as Is, No warranties are either expressed nor implied. The truck is owned by a non profit foundation, and I am the director of the foundation.

Price: Auction

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Location: Sanford, North Carolina, United States