WW2 Original Lee Enfield 5 Pocket Bandolier


Original WW2 Lee Enfield 5 Pocket Bandolier.

The bandolier features five pockets, each capable of holding ten .303 SMLE (Short, Magazine Lee Enfield) rounds in two clippers. The bandolier is made from soft, brown leather which is cut on a curve to fit over the shoulder. There is a smaller steadying strap for securing a belt. The fasteners, buckles and triangles are brass-coloured metal. The simple buckle system identifies this bandolier as the MkII variant of the officially designated โ€˜Bandolier Equipment Pattern 1903, 50 Round Bandolierโ€™.

The 1903 Pattern Bandolier was first introduced after the Second Boer War when deficiencies in the personal equipment issued to British soldiers became apparent. While this bandolier quickly became replaced by more modern cotton webbing, due to the ineffectiveness of this design for ground infantry use, the leather bandolier design remained in production in South Africa until the end of the Second War. This was because of the difficulty in producing and manufacturing cotton in South Africa, and the plentiful supply of leather.

This 1903 Pattern Bandolier is a South African manufactured Second World War Lee Enfield 50 Round Bandolier. Key Features

> Originals

> 5 Pockets

> Made from soft, brown leather

> Steadying strap for securing the belt

> Brass coloured fasteners, buckles and triangles

Additional Information

Please note that due to their surplus nature, there may be some signs of wear or some variation in design.


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