REAL PICK-UP with a SOLID CABIN including X DOORS, METAL ROOF and METAL WALL between the cabin and the truck bed

13.000 miles

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This later model 2000 M1123 is a former Marines truck and has many factory upgrades over prior models including 4l80E 4Speed Automatic transmission, 6.5L Detroit Diesel engine, 10K axles / suspension, 200-amp 12/24-volt alternator. First model with Overdrive transmission and Park position.It served in Kuwait and we left the Shipping label on the tailgate..This truck has undergone some extensive modifications since its time in the service. We turned this Humvee into a REAL PICK-UP with a SOLID CABIN including X DOORS, METAL ROOF and METAL WALL between the cabin and the truck bed. AM General manufactured the M1123 HMMWV (“Humvee”) for the US Marine Corps primarily as cargo or troop transports. Known for the OPTIMIZER 6500 engine, this model produces 170 HP with 440 ft-lbs of torque. Rough terrain doesn’t scare them!. The M1123 HMMWV includes features such as improved steering wheels, brakes, and bumpers. These vehicles use independent suspensions and portal geared hubs, and are expected to make full 46cm ground clearance. They are capable of transporting up to 4,400 lbs and cross 0.76m of water depth without preparation – and, up to 1.5 meters with a deep water fording kit. •Type: 6.5L V-8 Diesel•Displacement: 6468 cc•Compression Ratio: 20.2:1 & 18:1 (Marine)•Valve Configuration: Overhead•Valve Lifters: Hydraulic Roller•Firing Order: 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3•Bore x Stroke: 103 X 97.03 mm•Horsepower: 160/170 @ 3200 rpm-N.A.•Torque: 290 @ 1800 rpm-N.A.•Transmission: GM4L80e•Alternator: Dual voltage 200amp (14 and 28 volt)Former military HMMWV, commonly referred to as a Humvee. First appearing in 1985 as an upgrade to the Jeep, the military was in need of a larger, more capable vehicle with better hauling capacity, off road capability and versatility. AM general was awarded the contract for their all-new ground up design with many unique features ahead of its time. Featuring four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, front and rear locking differentials, AWD / 4WD, portal hubs, 1.25-ton cargo capacity and much more. Combined, this gives the truck insane entry / departure angles as well as side slope capability. Each truck is built upon the same chassis / body, with the ability to configure as a 2 door, 4 door, truck or wagon.The Humvee is still in production today as an upgraded version using the same core components that first appeared over 30 years ago. As time went on AM General continually improved upon its original design and these upgraded components are all cross compatible with the same basic platform. Mechanically identical to the famed Hummer H1, these former military versions are an excellent alternative. You won’t need to fear using it for its intended purpose, an incredibly capable off-road machine. Load it up for a weekend of off-roading and come home to simply hose down both the exterior and interior. Then you can drive it to work on Monday cruising the interstate at 65 mph.

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