I have just started making these cans, as a re-enactor myself I wanted to have something to keep coffee in that looked period and could be used right in front of the public. These coffee cans have the air tight seal with the ‘paint can’ style lid that will keep your coffee fresh. These will last as long as you look after them, unlike when you make things out of card etc. Just keep it topped up!

Coffee was always in demand by the GI’s as this only came with one of the three K-rations!

There are 5 different coffees, 1 hot chocolate (if you want to substitute a coffee for that), 3 Sugars and only 1 type of milk. If you want a specific can, I will try and accommodate, but sometimes it can just be down to getting what I have made and ready. If it’s a case of you only want one specific thing, then let me know and I can either say yes, or I can tell you that there will be a wait. If you don’t specify which cans you want, you’ll get 1 Coffee, 1 milk and 1 sugar.

If you want me to make a different countries label, or labels for custard, tobacco, peanuts… whatever, please let me know and I can custom make any labels, to the size of either can.


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