WWII BMW R 71 Tribute Motorcycle with Side car and MG Mount and Ammo cans 1954CJ
WWII BMW R-71 tribute in Wermacht panzergrau 1944

We are offering recently rebuilt and freshly painted replica of a WWII German BMW R-71- THIS IS NOT ONE OF THE BIKES SOLD IN RECENT YEARS AS BRAND NEW This was originally a Chinese Military bike, built in 1954.
shown here This shows the restoration process

WWII BMW R-71 copy in Wermacht panzergrau 1944

This has a 4 speed gearbox, 750cc 4 stroke engine, the ability to hand shift, and heavy drum brakes. The sidecar is really comfortable and smooth.

The bike has low miles, runs strong, and looks very accurate.

There is a reproduction ammunition can on the outer right front of the side-car, and the machine gun mount for the MG42. Early models used the MG34, but this bike is depicting the late war production, with the higher quality MG42.

It was stripped and repainted with the correct Panzergrau Late war colors, with correct late war Ammo can and mounting brackets on the sidecar. The paint is museum grade, and a proper historical lacquer.
Many rare parts, imported from Austria, are included in the restoration, including the correct Bosch glass lens for the headlamp, and the original style Machine Gun mount, with traverse capability. These are museum grade parts.

While the listing states that buyer is responsible for shipping, we can offer door to door delivery, in some situations, and are available to meet your haulers as well, at most any hour.
Additional photos will be added on the 12th, showing the sidecar fender and tail light.

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Seller: battlefind

Price: $8,500 <- check here if it's still available

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