Up for sale is my 2009 AM General M1165A1 Rev B Truck S/N: 313854.

*Side-note: If you do not know what a Rev B HMMWV is, I recommend you google the key improvements from 998’s, 10xx, 1123’s, & non Rev ECV’s before reading any further.*

This M1165A1 comes with a clean and clear ON ROAD Mississippi Title. I purchased the truck at auction from Gov Planet in late 2020 and received it on March 8, 2021. It has been a great project and I have thoroughly enjoyed repairing and driving it (almost daily). The truck came to me with 425 miles on the odometer (cannot confirm original miles) and to date, I have driven the truck 35,200 miles. The truck cruises at 70mph at 2500 rpm and will top out at 85mph at 3000rpm. The engine redline is 3400 rpm.

It has been all over the southeast and made multiple trips from Memphis, TN to Sarasota, FL. This truck has zero issues and needs nothing. You can fly into Memphis and drive it home, pick it up with your own truck and trailer, or I can help facilitate shipping (either in the U.S. or abroad). This truck has been great to me and I have made sure to take great care to maintain it so the future owner may have a wonderful experience owning a unique piece of mechanical Americana.

If you are a potential first time HMMWV owner, let me know and I will take you bumper to bumper on this truck and point out common components as well as a walk through on service procedures. I will also provide a thumb drive with all Tech Manuals in .pdf format. Additionally, I invite you you call me post sale with any questions you have. I want the purchaser of this truck to have as much confidence in it as I do.

I hope the following pictures and lists satisfy your curiosity, but please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you have.

Thanks for looking!

Repair & Replace List

Stripped, Vacuumed, and Pressure Washed Interior

Replaced seat belts

Replaced dash lights with LED’s from Black Dog Customs

Installed LED backlight for tachometer

Installed Radio Tray

Replaced Wiper Arms and Blades

Replaced Various A/C trim pieces including the accordion duct routing air to the drivers footwell

Replaced RH Engine Splash Shield

Replaced Tailgate Chain Covers

Installed Spare Tire Carrier

Installed Black Dog Customs license plate bracket

Installed Black Dog Customs receiver hitch

Replaced all incandescent lights with Trucklite LED’s

Replaced factory turn signal flasher with no load LED flasher

Sealed all armor holes with body plugs from McMaster-Carr

Replaced Airlift Hook Gaskets

Swapped 3.08 differentials with new old stock (NOS) 2.73 differentials (more speed, less RPM’s)

Swapped transmission pan with new AC Delco pan with drain plug (Original pan did not have a drain plug)

Relocated fuel filter housing to fender well for ease of access

Replaced Harmonic Balancer and Crankshaft Pulley

Replaced 400A generator and voltage regulator with more reliable 200A generator and voltage regulator

Reinstalled deep water fording kit (Removed before government liquidation)

Replaced and calibrated throttle position sensor (TPS) (Smoother shifting)

Replaced Transmission input/output sensors (TISS/TOSS)

Replaced Thermotion Water Valve with a more reliable 24v Electric Solenoid controlled valve

Replaced air restriction gauge

Removed muffler and emptied catalytic converter

Installed Sherpa 17,000 lb Steed winch with synthetic rope and winch plate from Black Dog Customs

Replaced factory horn with Star Signal SS861 Siren and 100watt Speaker

Installed interior overhead LED dome lights

Installed aux 12v power bank on radio tray

Installed Powerbass 1000 Sound Bar and Controller

Installed Orion 24v/12v 70Amp power converter and Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block for 12v power distribution

Installed NAPA 6TL Batteries

Installed Yeti Cooler and Tool Box on opposing rear fenders

Installed 40×13.50R17 Toyo Open Country M/T’s on 17” Method Racing 305 Wheels

Installed Wicked Wheel 2 Turbo Compressor Wheel

Installed TurboMasters Adjustable Wastegate Controller and Tuned for 17PSI

Increased fuel delivery in DB2 Injection Pump By 1/3 Turn of Fuel Delivery Screw

Installed Hewitt Industries Gauges for Turbo Boost, EGT’s (Pyrometer), and Transmission Temperature

Installed Luverne Brushguard with ECV Plates


Upon receipt of the truck I immediately performed the following services:

Remove, Inspect, and Replace Engine Air Filter

Drain, Inspect, and Replace Geared Fan Drive Gear Oil

Drain, Inspect, and Replace Engine Oil & Filter

Drain, Inspect, and Replace Transmission Fluid & Filter

Drain, Inspect, and Replace Transfer Case Fluid

Drain, Inspect, and Replace Differential Gear Oil

Drain, Inspect, (inspect spindle nut as well) and Replace, Geared Hub Gear Oil

Drain, Inspect, Flush, and Replace Engine Coolant (I also flushed the cooling loop from the lower radiator pipe to the rear differential and transfer case.)

Drain, Flush, and Replace Power Steering Fluid and Filter

Flush brakes with DOT 5

Grease Drive Line and all Suspension/Steering components

Drain, Inspect, and Refill Fuel Tank

Replace Fuel Filter

Remove fuel line check valves between the tank and mechanical fuel pump

Remove fuel line check valves at the fuel filter

Replace Serpentine Belt

Fresh C Service as of 07/01/2022

New Wilwood Rotors and Pads as of 07/10/2022

Below is a list of all fluids, filters, and lubricants I use on the truck:

Engine Oil: Shell Rotella T-4 Conventional 15w-40

Engine Oil Filter: AC Delco PF1218

Transmission Fluid: AC Delco Dexron VI

Transmission Fluid Filter: AC Delco TF329

Transfercase: AC Delco Dexron VI

Differentials: Lucas 80w-90 Gear Oil

Geared Hub Assemblies: 80w-90 Gear Oil

Engine Coolant: Shell Rotella ELC

Power Steering Fluid: Dexron VI

Power Steering Fluid Filter: AM General: 5716372

Brake Fluid: Wilwood DOT 5

Fuel Filter: AM General: SC220072

Air Filter: AM General: 12342870

Grease: Shell Rotella HD Grease

Serpentine Belt: NAPA

This is the following service interval table I followed from the day I received the truck.

HMMWV Service Intervals:

Change Engine Oil and Filter- 3,000 miles

Change Transmission Fluid and Filter- 12,000 miles

Change Fuel Filter- 6,000 miles

Change Power Steering Fluid and Filter- 12,000 miles

Change Transfer Case Fluid- 12,000 miles

Change Differential Gear Oil- 12,000 miles

Change Geared Hub Gear Oil- 12,000 miles

Change Geared Fan Drive Gear Oil- 12,000 miles

Grease Steering and Suspension- 6,000 miles

Grease Driveline- 6,000 miles

Rotate Tires- 6,000 miles

The only blemish on this truck is a chip in the passenger windshield glass. It will be shown in the pictures.

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Price: $80,000

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 2009 AM General (Affiliate link)

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