Welcome to Hero Rations! – Your source for authentic and museum accurate reproduction of WW2 army rations. Give yourself the chance to experience exactly what soldiers were issued and ate during WW2. Perfect for that person interested in history, military history, WW2, educator, reenactor or collector!

Since 2020, our small business has strived to create the very best WW2 rations out there! As a former reenactor and current militaria collect and WW2 historian, I was always disappointed at the market for edible, well-executed WW2 rations. I didn’t want folks having to use tuna fish cans, inkjet printed PDFs and club crackers anymore. I wanted to make the best of the best for anyone interested in history. If you are a historian, WW2 reenactor, educator, or just plain curious to experience what soldiers ate, check out our products!

For 2024, Hero Rations is very excited to offer an updated and upgraded versions of the famous WW2 C Rations. These canned rations were issued to soldiers during WW2 and with a number of changes to design, but canned rations generally served soldiers all the way to the development of the MRE in 1980. We have updated the WW2 C Ration to be as historically accurate as originals from both early and late WW2 (check out our other listings for the Early War C Ration B Units). Unlike our competitors, our C ration cans are reusable AND the contents are exacting copies of original components – we use original 1940s Department of Defense specifications for the labeling, packaging and even the ingredients used! Also, our can are the CORRECT SIZED 3.5″x3″ cans! These are custom made for our rations.

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