Not only are they Back in stock by popular demand at Surplusiageneralia, these rucksacks I just stocked are in some of the best shape I have seen yet! The extremely popular, Complete US Army Rucksack Set!

These are MOLLE II Large Rucksacks in ACU.

These are POPULAR! While I do restock quite frequently, these packs go quickly, and since they are government issue and no longer being manufactured, stock is technically limited! get them while you can!

These are Framed, high-capacity backpacks Intended for hauling large amounts of gear long distances on foot through rough or rugged terrain. The Main Compartment can hold almost 4,000 cubic inches of volume, The exterior of the bag is wrapped entirely in MOLLE webbing. The bag features a Super Duty Zipper shelf that separates the main compartment and a lower sleeping bag compartment with an additional 1,000 cubic inches of space which doubles as a second access point. This is handy as the bag can be loaded/unloaded from both either the top or bottom. In total the Main bag can fit around 81! (Yes, Eighty-One!) Liters of load, when combined with the included twin 7 Liter sustainment pouches, this means you can carry 95 Liters or 5,800 cubic Inches of Equipment on your person with this setup!

These bags are fantastic during rain, there is a water-resistant flap that closes over a waterproof neck which pulls/locks shut with high quality paracord drawstring and ultra-high strength polymer draw locks. On the flap is a mesh pocket for fast access to reference materials.

These are Genuine MilSurp! That means some of them were used in field!


I personally check & pack each Ruck myself, before it leaves, I verify all the cinch straps & buckles are functioning and not damaged. I check the shoulder harness for fraying or major tears, I check the Waistbelt buckles and lock, as well as the function of the compression strap. I verify all the drawcords on both sustainment pouches are in working order.


The complete Rucksack Kit comes assembled, and ready to use! Includes the following:

– x1 Ultra High Strength Polymer frame, Color Specific to these rucksacks

– x1 MOLLE II (Gen1 or Gen2//Pick is Random) Large Rucksack

– x2 MOLLE II 7Liter Matching Sustainment Pouches

– x1 MOLLE II Shoulder Harness/Strap Assembly

– x1 MOLLE II Molded Waist-belt


Price: $50

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